Before birth.  Winter.  A time for gestation.  Retreating and hibernating.  Being Still. Regrouping.  Reforming.  Transforming.

On the surface all seems still, yet energies are powering up our entire system.  A girl lies sleeping under the snows of a winter forest.  Behind her the evening sun sets on a winter’s afternoon, while a swan glides across the water.  The symbolism in this painting is everywhere…the setting sun, the still water, the silent forest, the sleeping girl.  All is not as it seems, as deep within the earth things are changing.  Before birth, we must first plant the seed in the dark womb of the earth.  Here we entrust our very being to the power of the universe, letting go of control and surrender to the forces of nature.  Winter is a time to rest, to sleep, to dream.  To gently weave together the learning from the past seasons.

Below the silent earth, sleeps the infant of our ideas.  Our dreams and plans are as the pink buds of the three lotus flowers that she clasps in her right hand. They take the shape of the soul, and are still soft and vulnerable and not yet formed into the beautiful out-reaching lotus flowers of love that they will become.

Healing happens when we allow ourselves to pause; to be silent; to let the universe take the lead, while we re-cover our body and soul into the cradle of the earth.