I have been in love with the Tarot from a very early age.  I remember my mum excitedly coming home from the library with a book on the Tarot only to find that someone had ripped out the entire section on the Major Arcana.  It was difficult to get any information on the Tarot cards back then, and even harder to get your hands on an actual deck of cards in Ireland in the early seventies.  It was this starvation of esoteric knowledge that spurred me on to want to create (with a passion) my own deck.  I attempted to copy the images from a book by Eden Grey of the Rider Waite Smith cards onto little post-it cards that secretaries used for filing addresses before computers were used (!).  After a disappointing start I progressed to drafting proper images (after I had left art school) done in inks on Watercolour paper, but these faded over time.  I loved the original designs, but felt I couldn’t just ‘fall in’ to working on the series as my work had changed so much.  It is only recently since I have developed my watercolour style to incorporate lace paper collage that I feel I have got a strong and individual enough technique to carry me through my next creative tarot phase.  At this point I am quite excited to see what develops!


Love Spells
Watercolour 15 x 19 ” 1990
Love Spells is an early still life in watercolour painted while I lived in my first studio.  My Tarot cards were always close to hand, and here they are depicted in a still life of all of my favourite things.  I still have the mannequin which was found in a skip outside an opticians!  It has had many uses over the years being dressed up by the children for Halloween as a witch for our window display for the trick or treaters.

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