Hello and welcome to my tarot website


When I was a little girl, my mum had a fascination for the Tarot.  I remember the day she excitedly brought home a book from the library on the Tarot de Marseilles only to find that all the pages of illustrations of the major arcana had been ripped out! It was difficult in those days in the early 70’s in Ireland to get any material on the Tarot, not to mention an actual Tarot deck!

Although I didn’t understand the images, those first Tarot de Marseilles cards that I saw intrigued me. I knew they contained a magic that I wanted to know more about.

It was a few years later, as a curious teenager that I bought a book by Eden Grey with line drawings by Pamela Colman Smith’s of the infamous Rider Waite Smith Tarot.  From that moment I was hooked!

Not being able to get my hands on a real deck, I decided to make my own, and painstakingly started to copy the illustrations onto small cards.  Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long before I could purchase a ‘real’ deck of my own. (They used to keep them in a hidden drawer in the bookshops back then.) And so my tarot journey began.

Since then I’ve been heavily influenced by the beautiful artistic interpretations of the tarot, and I have to say, I was nearly put off as many of the tarot artists are far more talented and knowledgable than me.  And with thousands of decks on the market, who on earth would need another one?

But deep inside, the girl in me, who’s breath was taken away by that first deck of cards she owned, is still wanting to create a deck of our own.  The passion that the cards inspire in me cannot be explained in words, and I must follow where the heart leads.

I present it here as a work in progress.  I invite you to come on the journey with me as I paint and explore the  meanings of the cards from my personal perspective and life experience.

I welcome your comments and feedback as I progress through the creation.   May the passion in me be an inspiration for the love of tarot in you.

And to the child within, it is for you that makes my journey worthwhile.