Ace of Cups Mandala

Ace of Cups FAA

The Ace of Cups Mandala is the second in the series of Aces for the Eternal Cycles Tarot. The water of love, life and creation flows endlessly from the golden chalice or holy grail. The Ace of Cups element is water seen depicted here as both calm and flowing, on which a bed of lotus flowers grow. Pink, peach and gold are the colours of elevated spirituality according to Lila Beck in her book “What Colour Are You”. The peach-gold light emanates from the lotus flower and is drawn up through the wings of the dove of peace which alights on the fountain. The water overflows into the lily pond bringing new life, new love and a new start for creativity.

This design is featured on Ask the Astrologers today 27th June 2014 as the Moon enters the sign of Cancer and trines Neptune.



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