Tarot and Astrology

Designs of the Zodiac

In the early days when I was doing Astrology readings I liked to make a specially illustrated cover for the chart.  I first created “Designs of the Zodiac” in black and white because it was the most economical way to be able to produce a design.  I separated each individual astrology sign into its own page and created the full twelve images which I used for the covers of the printed readings. (I will post these later on their own page of this blog).  This summer, when I was laid up with a foot injury, I decided to indulge  in creating some personal work on the astrology signs and created two pieces on the sign of Pisces (my own sign).  The strange thing is, I never thought I’d make any money on my tarot and astrology designs, but something ‘out there’ proved me wrong and these two paintings sold the same week when I exhibited them on Merrion Square (an open-air  Sunday Market/Art Exhibition in the heart of Dublin, Ireland).  I think the Universe is telling me that I MUST work on my intuitive paintings and present them to the World!

Here is a larger image of the black and white design.  Please forgive the mutilation by copyright signs.  I’ve had a bit of a time of it recently with people taking my work.( I believe it’s called ‘screen scraping’).

Zodiac Wheel


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